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1. An outstanding debt. A debt that one must pay to a creditor.

2. A current liability. Any debt that a company must pay within a year.

3. Accounts payable. Money owed for a good or service purchased on credit. Accounts payable are a current liability for a company and are expected to be paid within a short amount of time, often 10, 30, or 90 days.


That which is owed to another party as a debt.
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If either the date of an invoice, or the payment date under a written agreement, is earlier than the day the invoice is issued, GST becomes payable on the earlier date.
Suppliers receive immediate, non-recourse payment from the Trade Payable service provider enabling them to pay down debt, reduce interest costs and significantly reduce their order-to-cash cycle.
It concluded that a retained annuity payable for a specified term of years to the grantor (or to the grantor's estate if he or she dies before expiration of the term), is a qualified interest under Sec.
It is essential to be aware that a rental agreement that states only when rent is payable does not specifically allocate rent within the meaning of the regulations.
As a series of variable-rate receivables and a series of fixed-rate unconditional payables to be settled by net payments after setoff.
surrender of a right) made by B to A and, if we follow the example in (iv) above, the tax would be payable by A and be collectible by B on $1 million at the time the credits are used to purchase the new equipment in the year 2003.
AP Tools Suite provides broad, deep resources that help accounts payables staffs efficiently manage all of these responsibilities.
Thus, the question arises whether the phrase "that is payable in stock of the issuer or a related party" relates to the phrase "no deduction is allowed for interest or OID" or the phrase "an instrument issued by a corporation.
Consequently, the transition rule relief set forth in Notice 94-22 for approval of performance-based compensation payable by calendar-year companies was welcomed.
As a comprehensive, services-based solution, ASPEN for Accounts Payable handles every aspect of an organization's invoice processing, the company says.