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So, yes, he says, "We all support pay for performance if it means the best doctors are getting something extra.
If a patient gets outside help to pay for medications while she's in the donut hole, that financial help may count as an out-of-pocket expense, and once total drug costs reach the "catastrophic" level, Part D will pay for 95% of further costs.
Suspensions without pay for disciplinary reasons; and
But acceptance of pay for performance is often slow.
Insurers, living with declining interest rates, are in no position to dip into their reserves to pay for increased health care costs.
Florida state representative Al Lawson says pre-paid tuition plans are a great way for African Americans to pay for their children's college education.
Owners who do not receive rent payments can't in turn pay for essential building services such as fuel, water, real estate taxes or repairs.
Manning could not possibly pay for the legal work needed to keep up with them, although he stayed in the game with financial help from Campbell.
The bigger the business, the bigger the competitive rate of pay for the position.
In today's volatile business climate, companies can become unwilling or unable to pay for their promised executive benefits.
The taxpayer had personally executed an agreement with class counsel, agreeing to pay for their services.