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The company is adopting strategies used in Asia to Europe to cater for the wave of pauperisation and are selling tiny packs of mayonnaise to penniless Greeks and five-wash packs of detergent in Spain.
This clearly shows that France is the real owner and manager of the CFA currency, which in fact was created by Paris with the sole objective of perpetuating the pauperisation of the CFA countries.
Comme par exemple declarer la guerre a la destruction de la nature, a la pauperisation de la population, a l'enrichissement illicite et sans vergogne, aux injustices de toutes sortes.
The situation has now become compounded by the deliberate pauperisation and impoverishment of the generality of the populace to the extent that some citizens with masters degree will stop you on the street and beg for a mere N500.
Markets have yet react to this showdown even though the Spanish finance minister, Luis de Guindos, has openly warned that Catalonia will suffer a "brutal pauperisation" if it presses ahead.
Je comprends la detresse de certains journalistes, je vois des directeurs de journaux devenir milliardaires d'un cote, et de l'autre, une pauperisation des journalistes, ce qui, pour reprendre la terminologie marxiste, represente une inadequation entre les detenteurs des moyens de production et les producteurs.
He opted for the latter and the family saved itself from pauperisation.
But there are pointers and indicators -- as the globalisation of capital led to the yet further "pauperisation of the South", the "globalisation of migration" will inevitably lead to the "browning of the North".
La notion de l'appartenance a la patrie perdait de sa notoriete, au fil des jours, en face de la mise en place des politiques de pauperisation et de disparite sociale et territoriale.
NIM said what had become 'notoriously evident in the nation today is the increasing impoverishment and pauperisation of the generality of the citizenry, compounded by general insecurity, deepening ethnoreligious animosity which has continued to push the fragile unity of the nation to a dangerous edge, thereby endangering the national resources and beneficial commonality,' the group said.