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Some common examples of unwanted commentary include statements by employees about competitor patents.
By law, however, Purdue was allowed to keep the billions of dollars in monopoly profits it had garnered with patents it should never have won.
Patents do help innovation by providing incentives for investors to fund research and development (this necessary funding could be provided in other ways; for example, see "Medical Innovation Prize Fund: New Idea in Drug Development," above).
IBM intends for this pledge to form the basis of an industry-wide "patent commons" in which patents are used to establish a platform for further innovations in areas of broad interest to information technology developers and users.
Patents are intellectual property (IP) that may need to be appraised for accounting, tax, litigation and transactional purposes in situations that include divorce or bankruptcy actions, estate settlements, sales of businesses and company mergers (which might require valuing portfolios of inventions).
Receiving a number of international patents in recent months validates the global strength of the Gene Express technology; we look forward to continuing to leverage this strength as we aggressively grow the company and seek additional patents throughout the world.
Taking lessons from other industries, the fact that so many patents in insurance are still sitting in a pending status means I don't think we've really seen the brunt of this yet.
167(a)-3 states that patents with a limited useful life are intangible assets that may be depreciable.
The nine historically significant barrier screw designs include three basic patents -- Maillefer, Schippers, and Dray--and six improvement patents.
If NIH's patents are approved, a legal battle may ensue, potentially delaying diagnostic use of the gene.
patents issued to the Japanese science and technology giant Hitachi.
This Report demonstrates the enormous growth in innovative WiMax activity; last year's Directory covered about 50 new patents and this year's new Report studies over 475