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(28) For a number of MLAs the limited experience of working a committee system with Sinn Fein seemed to demonstrate the fundamentally partitionist nature of the settlement.
Fear, first expressed in the form of "We love Quebec" on October 27, 1995, was succeeded by a new partitionist movement among anglophone Quebeckers who feared losing their membership in Canada's majority group.
"This is a grossly partitionist decision by An Post and it should be overturned by the Government," he said.
Ulster Unionist MP Mr Ken Maginnis said it was a gigantic step for the IRA and proved it was prepared to participate in a partitionist solution.
He added that the status quo, partitionist or non-functional solutions, are not acceptable "not only because they are not fair but more importantly because they will add to, instead of solving, the problem."
The play avoids any suggestion that its critique of the nationalist state reproduces the terms of civil war conflict between the partitionist "Staters" and the Republican idealists.
Ian junior said that Bertie Ahern was `talking like a partitionist' by treating Ulster differently to the Republic.
From Gerry Adams, who persuaded his Sinn Fein colleagues to accept what they regard as a "partitionist" parliament, to the Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble who has taken far bigger gambles.
But Mr McLaughlin said his party remained "totally opposed" to an assembly and accused Mr Mallon of peddling a partitionist solution.