Participation loan

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Participation loan

A large loan made by a group of lenders, that enables a borrower to obtain financing above the legal lending limit of an individual lender.


A very large loan made by more than one lender to a single borrower. A participation loan exists when the lenders have a legal limit on the maximum amount they may lend.
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In the alleged payment guaranty and pool stuffing fraud, Gavron found that the P55 investment pool, unknown to credit union investors, contained (subprime) loans that were generally too risky to qualify to include in the credit union participation loan pools.
In a participation loan, lenders will "partner up" in making a loan.
With C-PaL, Navy Federal said it would not take the lead in the participation loan deals, choosing to appreciate and respect the fact that other credit unions may want to maintain current relationships and run the daily interactions with members.
The first year of a participation loan with an origination fee of 1%, interest income of 6% on the portion of the loan that wasn't participated out, and the servicing fee of participation at 50 basis points.
Purchasing credit unions also required to document agreements with originators and develop participation loan policies.
Participation loan and member business loan chargeoffs at credit unions were $25 million in 2006 compared to $375 million in 2011.
in May after it was revealed that Northwell Health FCU lost $2 million last year because of several non-performing taxi medallion participation loans.
It was a regional banker's bank that provided loans to banks and helped put together large participation loans.
Park Avenue] Funding is concerned that the bank will again breach its obligations as servicer of the participation loans in an effort to improve its equity capital and appease the FDIC by reducing its concentration in commercial real estate loans," the lawsuit says.

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