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A person or company with a stake in a venture. Examples of participants include a shareholder, an employee in a company, or a policyholder in an insurance policy.


1. Of, relating to, or being an unusual class of preferred stock that participates with common stock in dividend increases according to a specified formula. For example, a participating preferred issue might require that any increases in dividends on common stock above $2 per share be shared equally with preferred. Compare nonparticipating.
2. Of or relating to a type of life insurance in which the insured shares in the insurer's investment success or lack of success. Owners of participating policies receive dividends from the insurer. Compare nonparticipating.
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This program involves samples of a product or a material being divided into two or more parts, with each participating laboratory testing one part of each sample.
participating interests that are "mark-to-market" properties or market-valued inventory of a financial institution; (34)
During the entire 8-week surveillance period, in New Jersey, participating hospitals provided reports a mean of 89% (range 18% to 100%) of days during which they participated in surveillance; in Delaware, the mean was 86% (range 82% to 91%); and in Pennsylvania, the mean was 74% (range 23% to 94%).
The members of the focus groups stated emphatically that participating as
Activities range from participating in an annual Christmas DWI display at a local shopping mall to regularly assisting DARE officers during visits to area middle schools.
And lastly, educational, language, and cultural barriers made consideration of vocational rehabilitation, with the pool of consumers participating in the work exploration project, a remote possibility.
The financing was truly an international one with participating banks from Germany, Great Britain and France.
As an alternative to currently deducting eligible timber-related expenditures, materially participating woodland owners may capitalize them if they so choose in years during which no income is produced from the property.
We are one of 18 California hospitals participating in this patient care quality improvement project and one of five to participate in Northern California," said Lisa Fowler, BSN, RN, Clinical Quality Coordinator.
Two faculty and six student tutors from the university were utilized to provide mathematics and parenting/family coping skills instruction to the participating parents and students in the same classroom.
Quantitatively, the example could be read to provide a safe harbor for determining when a class of stock will be treated as participating in corporate growth to a significant extent.
participating interests in a CFA of a Canadian taxpayer,

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