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A person or company with a stake in a venture. Examples of participants include a shareholder, an employee in a company, or a policyholder in an insurance policy.


1. Of, relating to, or being an unusual class of preferred stock that participates with common stock in dividend increases according to a specified formula. For example, a participating preferred issue might require that any increases in dividends on common stock above $2 per share be shared equally with preferred. Compare nonparticipating.
2. Of or relating to a type of life insurance in which the insured shares in the insurer's investment success or lack of success. Owners of participating policies receive dividends from the insurer. Compare nonparticipating.
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The anti-rollover rules apply to a "specified participating interest," as defined in a draft definition in subsection 248(1).
Results indicate that, on average, universal life provided significantly higher policy yields compared with participating whole life both for five-year and 10-year periods.
Fairmont Hotels is offering bonus miles in several airline programs for stays at participating properties at "Only One Way" winter rates completed by April 30, 2007.
Participating stores include: Asda, Somerfield, Kwiksave and Tesco.
These programs involve the measurement of a property of the same item or group of items circulated among the participating laboratories.
This scale was used to assess the respondents' leisure motivations prior to participating in a wilderness expedition.
Essentially, fair share is an institution's unmet need, as a proportion of the total amount of unmet need among all participating institutions nationwide.
As a result, fellowship could be declared among the participating churches.
Transportation to and from the focus group was provided for participating youth when needed.
All FBI-sponsored task forces, however, have two common elements that make them unique: 1) written memorandums of understanding (MOUs) between participating law enforcement agencies and 2) FBI funding to pay for participating state and local departments' expenses, such as officer overtime, vehicles, gas, cell phones, and related office costs.
Our customer multistate jurisdiction resale certificates often covered all of the states participating in this joint audit program.
Catalogers compile data for the supply systems of participating countries in the NCS, where each distinct item only needs to be cataloged and assigned a National Stock Number once.

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