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Speaking on condition of anonymity, a security official standing at Sindh Secretariat gate told PPI, that these parking lots cause an imminent danger as anyone could park his bike without being noticed and checked.
Since water and oil don't mix, power washing parking lots with water will not remove the grime build up on the surface.
Currently, parking lot review is triggered before the Planning Board if the use it serves changes.
North Asheville Tailgate Market, parking lots behind Asheville Pizza, Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC Sat 7am-12pm
For two years, Jose Saldana, 37, has been finding demolition, painting and roofing work at the Home Depot parking lot.
Impervious surfaces can be concrete or asphalt, they can be roofs or parking lots, but they all have at least one thing in common--water runs off of them, not through them.
Vanadis Group bought the parking lot in October 1999 for $315,000.
When the customer assured the police officer that Thomas had not been impersonating a parking lot attendant, Thomas was arrested under a different statute.
Furniture Row(R) Racing's NASCAR NEXTEL CUP show car #78 will be on display in the parking lot at the Dacono Center.
result, the Lakeside Public School parking lot was deemed a priority for 2018.
At one such parking lot in Nehru Place, this correspondent found dozens of drivers and owners guarding their vehicles, including auto- rickshaws, vans, buses and trucks.
You might have seen and heard of parking lots near shopping malls, sports stadiums, near buildings and other places, but have you ever heard of parking lot floating in the middle of the ocean?