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The parking discs could be purchased, say for a fee of PS2, and used similar to a 'blue badge' scheme.
The committee came out against an annual pounds 1,200 parking disc because it would encourage long stay parking.
Contract award: concession management service park with paid parking and parking disc in the town of treviso.
Council chiefs prosecuted the 48-year-old of Drummond Road, Kenton, Newcastle, after discovering she had flouted the law with her dad's disabled parking disc less than two years after he died of lung cancer.
Now they are calling for a parking disc system to encourage Holme Valley residents to shop in the village.
Two quietly dressed men are constantly patrolling the High Street, checking each vehicle for display of parking disc, length of time, condition of tyres, etc, and are constantly in contact with the police.
Patrick added: "With all that was happening, I neglected to put in a second parking disc on the car.
The MXU 250RL has automatic transmission, and in addition to the features needed to make it legal for road us,e has useful accessories like electric start, towing hitch, ignition safety circuit, foot and parking disc brakes, front and rear carriers, and enclosed footboards.
You will need to park in West Street, however, because a two-hourly parking disc is required along the High Street.