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A subdivision of government in most American states. Most of the time, a county is a municipal level below the state government but above a city or township. Counties serve different purposes, depending on the state. In some states, they have courts and a sheriff's office. The chief prosecutor (district attorney) for an area is often employed at the county level. In Oklahoma and many other states, counties have jurisdiction over all land in their boundaries not otherwise incorporated into a city or other municipality. In some states like Maryland, counties have quite broad responsibilities, including the provision of public health services and education. On the other hand, counties have no authority in Rhode Island. In Louisiana, counties are called parishes. In Alaska, they are called boroughs. See also: ABCD Counties.


A political subdivision within a state. It is usually the largest government body within the state.In Louisiana,the equivalent is called a parish.

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The history covers key developments of the parish in a balanced way over 170 pages.
Mary of the Assumption Parish in Milford, while Mr.
The Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, in collaboration with five national Catholic organizations, conducted the research as one phase of a larger long-term project begun in 1992, "Emerging Models of Parish Leadership.
Brazil and Ukraine are both exploring options for introducing parish nursing more broadly there.
Late last year, the Denby Parish Community Action Group - a splinter group formed in 2006 to represent the views of residents in Upper Denby, Birdsedge and High Flatts - accused the Skelmanthorpe based parish council of ignoring outlying villages in its parish plan.
The centres applying are: All Saints Parochial Centre and Club in Anfield, St Pascal Baylon Parish Centre and Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Centre in Childwall, Christ the King Parish Centre in Oak Vale Park, Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Centre in Fazakerley St Austin's Parish Centre in Grassendale and Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parish Centre in West Derby.
In canon law a parish possesses "juridic personality," meaning that it has certain rights and obligations.
This is a very busy parish, really dynamic,'' Rosado said.
When I married, I came to Glencoe to live and continued to serve in the parish as a layperson, but always my calling as a deaconess was observed.
These parish nurses were prepared for this work by attending the 35-hour Basic Parish Nurse Preparation Course offered by the Parish Nurse Center at Carroll College.
In November 2002 work began on the Countryside Agency's national parish plans pilot scheme, 'Integrating Parish Plans in the Caradon District in Cornwall', with a parish plans officer being appointed to work in the Regeneration/Forward Plans team of Caradon District Council's Economic and Community Services Department.
Parish officials determined eligibility and awarded relief that attempted to match individual needs.