parent company

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Parent company

A company that controls subsidiaries through its ownership of voting stock, as well as runs its own business.
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Parent Company

A company that owns enough stock in another country to strongly influence or control outright the latter's operations, especially the election of its board of directors. Parent companies sometimes have operations of their own, and sometimes have no other business except to own and manage subsidiaries. These are known as holding companies. Some parent companies own subsidiaries in a single industry, while others are diversified. Parent companies become parent companies either by buying smaller companies, or by spinning off some of its operations into a separate company. See also: Mergers & Acquisitions.
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parent company

A company that controls or owns another company or other companies. For example, Union Pacific Corporation is the parent company of the trucking firm Overnite Transportation Company. Compare subsidiary. See also holding company.
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parent company

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Despite its parent company's financial problems, Mission Bufete's customers remain pleased.
* A parent company may engage in general corporate activities with its subsidiary without subjecting itself to direct liability.
(1992) surveyed US parent company managers, whereas Beamish (1993) interviewed foreign and Chinese IJV operating managers.
The ensemble provides the necessary transition, while fulfilling the parent company's education and outreach goals.
A man of Indian origin, Pichai was appointed as CEO of Google in August 2015, when the company decided to separate its different businesses and name the parent company Alphabet.
AAJTAK.INTODAY.IN PARENT COMPANY: Living Media LAUNCHED: 1999 BASED: India LANGUAGE: Hindi REACH: MENA AVAILABILITY: Du, Etisalat, OSN, Ooredoo MEDIA REP: IAS Media: +971 4 447 5760 DEMOGRAPHICS: India's leading general Hindi news channel, devoted to providing the latest news to its viewers.
Reportedly, this limit can be used to take out three-year credit loans for the parent company to fund corporate acquisitions.
Under BEPS Action 5, exchange of rulings on Permanent Establishment (PE) by authority for advance rulings is required to be done not only with the countries of residence of all related parties with whom taxpayer enters into transaction, but also with the country of residence of the immediate parent company and the ultimate parent company.
In a statement today, Petronas had also refuted any association with data consultancy firm, Cambridge Analytica, and its parent company, SCL Group.
(the parent company) at the time of the alleged events described above, do not hold any positions in the parent company, the Company and any company under the parent company's control," G.
"At the same time, we believe that these subsidiaries cannot have a rating higher than the parent company's rating, since there are no effective mechanisms to protect against potential negative interference from KMG whose stand-alone credit profile (SACP) has 'b' level.
On Monday, the parent company has sent a statement confirming the end of negotiations, and the select of Abou Ghali to share the Alfa Romeo's agency similar to the Nile Engineering Company.