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Compared to parametric models, the non-parametric methods considered that the distribution of the observations cannot be modelled using a finite set of regression parameters.
Parametric covers (also referred to as index based) are linked to the occurrence of a pre-defined event such as wind reaching a certain speed, or an earthquake above a certain level on the Richter scale.
He further said that all cases of income exclusively from salary and where the salary exceeds 50 percent of taxable income are excluded from this parametric computer balloting.
Byer, "93% pump depletion, 3.5-W continuous-wave, singly resonant optical parametric oscillator," Optics Express, vol.
At the same time, industry giants such as Swiss Re have responded to insureds' needs with parametric insurance products such as STORM and QUAKE.
Key words: Bread wheat, GE interaction, parametric and non-parametric measures, stability.
We use a parametric optimization method to deal with portfolio performance evaluation; the uncertain return rate is characterized by variable possibility distribution and presented as a parametric interval-valued fuzzy variable.
In this study, the magnetoelastic axisymmetric parametric vibration equations of a conductive rotating thin circular plate are obtained.
In contrast, parametric insurance pays the insured party a pre-determined amount upon one or more specified parameters being met.
Part of the firm's "Custom Core" strategies, Parametric's factor-based portfolios are constructed using active risk controls to deliver exposure to popular factors while managing risk, costs and unintended exposures.