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The "challenge" for students is to develop a flexible package solution that addresses a packaging issue, such as consumer convenience or the protection of food.
How is the can the ultimate in environmental packaging? Let's start with the material itself.
Snack-food packaging consumed 163 million lb of PE resin and is projected to have lackluster growth of around 3% annually through 2004 and 2005.
Since this type of packaging is such a small part of the waste stream (between .03 and .1 percent of the total), most recycling programs simply ignore it, says Davis, although no exact recovery numbers are currently available.
Ibuprofen, when originally sold as an OTC drug, was marketed in non-CR packaging containing large quantities of the pills -- a cause of some concern.
* The first fundamental in packaging yourself: Stay visible.
The ordinance covers all packaging, around 150 billion individual packages discarded each year in Germany, about 40 percent of the country's garbage.
But a specific packaging problem has arisen and it concerns the next exposition in Orlando.
Consumer preferences for convenience and portability have also played a large role in driving innovations in packaging design, such as microwaveable cans and easy-open single-serving containers.
acquired French-based Pechiney Plastics Packaging, a global leader in plastics packaging with U.S.

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