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A buyer of real estate who has no interest in owning what he/she buys. That is, if a developer wishes to buy up a large amount of land without attracting attention, he/she may hire dummies to purchase (with the developer's capital) on his/her behalf. The dummies in turn re-sell (or simply give) the properties to the developer.
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A straw man, as when a developer desires to purchase a number of properties in order to assemble them and build a shopping center but is afraid that owners will increase their asking prices if they know the true name of the buyer. Owners sell to the dummy, who then transfers to the developer.

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"We wanted to see if this level was different in children whose parents used various cleaning methods to clean their pacifiers.
The researchers interviewed 128 mothers of infants multiple times over a period of 18 months and asked how they cleaned their child's pacifier.
When the mold is complete in several weeks time, the pacifier and non medicated inserts will be available to purchase on the internet and at retailers.
In the 4th month, mother's employment status and pacifier use remained significant in the adjusted analysis, and the risk of consuming milk formulas was 1.63 times higher in children whose mothers worked (CI95% - 1.14-2.35) and 1.72 times greater in children who used pacifiers (CI95% - 1.18-2.51) (Table 2).
In the multiple analysis of the association between pacifier use and covariates, Poisson regression with robust variance was used to estimate prevalence ratios.
Thus, this study evaluated mothers of preterm infants who were discharged from the NICU with regard to their personal characteristics and those of their infants as well as the role that social support plays in deciding whether to introduce a pacifier during the first 2 years of the infant's life.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Simple Science has officially launched its new CleanSmart brand of baby and children's products, which offer a simple way to clean and disinfect toys and pacifiers as well as nurseries and high chairs.
In America dummies are known as 'pacifiers' yet strangely, you never see any cops or peace delegates wearing them.
Using tape to secure a pacifier to silence a wailing baby may be a violation of Republic Act No.
In a related development, another mother came out in Facebook and posted a picture of her newborn child whose mouth was taped to hold a pacifier in place while confined at the CPCMHI.
One of them said the tape was to put in place a pacifier for the newborn.
Brown's has rolled out a series of new wipes for a variety of baby's needs--Tooth & Gum, Nose & Face and Pacifier & Bottle wipes.