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A speculative option strategy that involves selling call or put options on stocks that are believed to be overpriced or underpriced; the options are expected not to be exercised.


An option strategy that involves writing more option contracts than the writer expects to have exercised. A writer overwrites contracts in order to collect the premiums. He/she chooses the securities underlying the contracts based on whether they are overvalued or undervalued. One overwrites calls if one believes that the underlying securities are overvalued because one expects a price correction that will result in the calls going out-of-the-money. For the same reason, one overwrites puts if one believes that the underlying securities are undervalued.


In options trading, the writing of more options than one expects to have exercised. Investors overwrite call options because they consider the underlying stock overvalued. Investors overwrite put options because they consider the underlying stock undervalued.
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Media writers and editors sometimes mistake the blather and bombast of overwriting for "literary" writing.
Some overwriting programs target these areas, but many do not.
The launch of the Russell Strategic Call Overwriting Fund follows several enhancements to Russell's multi-asset portfolios and retail product offerings, including the launch of the Russell Multi-Strategy Alternative Fund and Russell U.
Overwriting each track on a volume a minimum of three times in accordance with DoD specifications, this multiple overwrite process (optionally up to eight overwrites) renders disk data unrecoverable, even by programs applying sophisticated laboratory techniques to hard drives removed from a disk storage system or by direct access to the disk.
This Common Criteria(a)-validated DSK, model AR-FR11, will help Sharp customers protect corporate intellectual property that passes through an IMAGER MFP by encrypting, overwriting and applying key security measures to the residual data.
Disk erasures are actually performed by overwriting the stored data to make the original data unrecoverable.
The Disk Purge algorithm will erase data from all the spare blocks on enterprise level drives by overwriting them with three series of data patterns.
By locking one block of a file at a time, multiple users can make edits without overwriting other user's changes, and without experiencing "lock outs" - a common problem in document management systems.
By enabling archiving to DVD media, including double-layer discs, CyberLink PowerBackup provides a range of practical features such as appending or overwriting data on discs, three levels of compression, and password protection.
Sharp has been certified for more than two years for the hard drive overwriting system on its Imager series.
The Witty worm then sends itself to 20,000 randomly generated IP addresses with random destination ports and begins overwriting hard drives on the infected machine with meaningless data.
Specifically, the Interpretive Release affirms that broker-dealers can meet the non-rewriteable and non-erasable requirements of Rule 17a-4 through the employment of a storage solution that uses integrated hardware and software codes to prevent the overwriting, erasure or alteration of the records.