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The post Oil prices dip on persistent fuel supply overhang appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
One of the key benefits of using the overhang and light shelf combination is that the overhang provides effective external shading to the bottom window, and that it works in tandem with the light shelf to redirect light further into the classroom.
In the data, elevated levels of structure overhang tend to be associated with the slow growth of investment in structures.
Additionally, no impingement was observed at 0[degrees] humeral abduction in the scapular plane for the 38 mm, 42 mm, and 46 mm devices when glenosphere overhang of 4.
Where one freehold property overhangs another, these rights of support will not be intrinsic in the legal titles to either property - hence the term 'flying freehold'.
Second, it implies that the cumulative shortfall in output from debt overhang is potentially large.
Finally, if the branches of the trees overhang your property, you are entitled to lop the branches off at the line of your property and return the cut limbs to the neighbours.
He got at least 50ft up but when he got nearer the top it's probably quite crumbly with an overhang that he couldn't get over and his friend couldn't reach him to help.
When you cut the polycarbonate panels for the awnings, allow an extra inch on both ends and the front to create an overhang.
Steve, from Sheffield, used his new skills to become the first person to conquer a treacherous 100ft section of Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales, which has an overhang the length of a bus.
The method utilizes an oligonucleotide primer that contains a recognition site for a restriction enzyme such that digestion with the restriction enzyme generates a 5' overhang containing the locus of interest.
But the plot's limited dimensions prohibit a building with floorplates sizeable enough to accommodate the kind of trading floors that JP Morgan Chase would want to install without cantilevering the tower's floors so that they overhang surrounding space.