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Used in the context of general equities. Technically too high in price, and hence a technical correction is expected. See: Heavy. Antithesis of oversold.
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In technical analysis, describing a security with too high a price. This means that the technical indicators on the security do not justify its current price. Technical analysts may recommend selling overbought securities, as they are due for a price correction. See also: Oversold.
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Of, relating to, or being a stock market that has risen very rapidly in the recent past and is likely to suffer short-term price declines in the near future. Determining whether a market is overbought is difficult and is subject to individual interpretation.
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When a stock or entire securities market rises so steeply in price that technical analysts think that buyers are unlikely to push the price up further, analysts consider it overbought. For these analysts, an overbought market is a warning sign that a correction -- or rapid price drop -- is likely to occur.

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Due to the limited scale and separate operation, the overbuying of stocks has failed to induce the expansion of trading volume, although it has managed to stabilize the market.
It provides up-front savings because customers purchase only the storage capabilities they need for their parti-cular application requirements instead of overbuying to meet "worst case" or "peak demand" needs.
4, 2012 (CENS) -- With the closing of holidays, foreign investors have returned to the stock market, overbuying NT$5.4 billion of Taiwanese stocks yesterday (Jan.