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We were told legally they're allowed to overbook a flight by 10% by the EU.
Lavin, the West Hills internist, doesn't overbook as part of his normal, non-emergency scheduling.
The basic question asked under the overbooking problem is: "Given a distribution of no-shows, how many rooms does a hotel need to overbook in order to maximize the expected profits or minimize the expected loss?
It is common for carriers to overbook seats to maximise earnings.
Airlines say they overbook flights because some travelers don't show up and some tickets are refundable.
A spokesman for British Midland's bmibaby, which will be offering flights to Belfast from pounds 12, said: "We don"t overbook, so the legislation wouldn't affect us.
Airlines routinely overbook flights as they expect a number of no-shows for flights, mainly from people with flexible tickets.
Around 250,000 people a year are left waiting in airports because airlines overbook their flights.
Under the new rules airlines which overbook must compensate passengers with cash payments of at least pounds 175 for flights of less than 1,500km, pounds 280 for flights of between 1,300km and 3,500km, and pounds 420 for longer flights.
I always want them to be able to call me personally, so we don't overbook.
com/quote/nasdaq/jetblue-airways/jblu) NASDAQ:JBLU )  is the one holdout that chooses not to overbook its flights, to be more customer-friendly.