overall rate of return

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overall rate of return (OAR)

See overall capitalization rate.

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The overall rate of return, including the income growth component, allows the appraiser to compare the capitalization rate directly with available returns on other investments and may be calculated in several ways:
Improvement in underwriting results drove the increases in insurers' pretax operating income, net income after taxes, and overall rate of return, with insurers' $15.
dollars in thousands) > > > Rate base > > > $ 943,346 Overall rate of return > > > 7.
Despite the increases in insurers' net income and overall rate of return in 2010, insurers' results remained subpar," said Sampson.
The table below shows overall rate of return for the past three years for participants across all age groups who did not use a target-date fund or advice, compared to the rate of return for the 2010, 2020, 2030 and 2040 Schwab Managed Retirement Trust Funds.
8 percent overall rate of return for last year was less than half of their 12.
7 million annual revenue increase and is based on an overall rate of return of 9.
PSI has agreed that rather than fixing the overall rate of return at 8 percent for these projects as previously requested, the company will use its then-current weighted cost of capital (e.
Matches are a great way to enhance your overall rate of return.
As reflected on Page 1 of Attachment One, the Commission granted an overall rate of return of 9.
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