overall rate of return

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overall rate of return (OAR)

See overall capitalization rate.

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"Mortgage and financial guaranty insurers' superior underwriting results contributed to their superior overall rate of return," said Murray.
The overall rate of return required by the average investor in a particular sector of the investment market, as compared with other investment markets such as shares, bonds, interest rates, and property (|r.sub.m~)
For example, while the commercial property market generally has an equivalent overall rate of return as compared with other available investments, each sector (and property) within that market also has a unique initial return (or capitalization rate), dependent upon the level of expected growth.
Improvement in underwriting results drove the increases in insurers' pretax operating income, net income after taxes, and overall rate of return, with insurers' $15.5 billion in net gains on underwriting in 2013 constituting a $30.9 billion swing from their $15.4 billion in net losses on underwriting in 2012.
"Moreover, as good as insurers' results for nine-months 2012 were in comparison to their results for nine-months 2011, insurers' 6.3 percent annualized overall rate of return for nine-months 2012 fell far short of their 9 percent average rate of return for the 53 years from the start of ISO's annual data in 1959 to 2011.
Contributing to the increases in the insurance industry's net income, overall rate of return, and surplus, insurers' net investment gains--the sum of net investment income and realized capital gains (or losses) on investments--grew $13.8 billion to $52.9 billion in 2010 from $39.2 billion in 2009.
"Despite the increases in insurers' net income and overall rate of return in 2010, insurers' results remained subpar," said Sampson.
Similarly, insurers' 5.8 percent overall rate of return for last year was less than half of their 12.4 percent rate of return for 2007.
"Though insurers' 5.8 percent rate of return for 2009 was nearly ten times their 0.6 percent rate of return for 2008, insurers' overall rate of return remained below its long-term average," said Michael R.
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