outstanding balance

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Outstanding Debt

Debt that has not yet been repaid in full. For example, if one borrows $10,000 and has paid back $2,000, the outstanding debt is $8,000. In general, interest is calculated over the outstanding debt rather than the original amount borrowed.
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outstanding balance

The amount owed on a debt, as of a particular date. Title companies will obtain an outstanding balance for liens on property being sold,as of the anticipated date of closing, with a daily accrual for additional interest due each day the closing is delayed.

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It will be favorable for the government as well as it will reduce the outstanding balance of government bonds, while allowing the smooth transfer of those shares from the government to the private sector.
Participants can apply for additional loans even if they have outstanding 401(k) loans, as long as the combined outstanding balances have remained below the 50 percent/$50,000 limit for the 12 months before each new loan.
The bill would also require that periodic statements disclose a date that reflects when the current outstanding balance would be paid off if the consumer chooses to pay only the minimum periodic payment required under the plan.
Interest is only paid on any outstanding balance. The line of credit is usually secured by fixed assets, inventory or receivables.
In addition, total outstanding balance of public debt instruments dropped at the end of May 2019 to BD11,293.4 million, compared with BD11,501m in May 2018.
As a result, the total outstanding balance of securitised loans has fallen to CNY49.4 billion in June 2018 from CNY54.4 billion in March 2018.
Having identified about 13 NPA accounts with outstanding balance of INR4.580bn Kolkata-based UCO Bank has reportedly said it has identified about 13 NPA accounts with outstanding balance of INR4.580bn.
I have already paid the outstanding balance and have returned my card.
The portfolio transaction is a secondary market purchase, with the final acquisition cost around 5% of the outstanding balance, or around USD 3.31m.
This portfolio includes unsecured and secured loans with a total Outstanding Balance (OB) of approximately EUR221m, with more than 25,000 open accounts of individuals and a solid paying book.
Consumer lending witnessed a stronger current value growth rate for both gross lending and outstanding balance in 2015.