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Open Outcry

A system of trading on an exchange in which members stand on the trading floor and make orders to each other by crying aloud. Some open outcry systems have developed special sign languages so they can make and fill orders without needing to be heard over the noise on the trading floor. All exchanges were originally open outcry, but many have gradually shifted toward electronic trading.

open outcry

A public auction in which trading is conducted by calling out bids and offers. Open outcry retains its popularity on futures and options exchanges such as the Chicago Board of Trade and the New York Board of Trade despite the introduction of electronic trading systems. Some traders contend that open outcry offers better liquidity with the chance to obtain a better price. Compare auction market, dealer market.

Open outcry.

When exchange-based commodities traders shout out their buy and sell orders or use a combination of words and hand signals to negotiate an order, it's known as open outcry.

When someone who shouts an offer to buy and someone who shouts an order to sell name the same price, a deal is struck, and the trade is recorded. Open outcry is one type of auction.

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Other bishops in interviews with the radio joined the outcry.
Some of those opposed to using computers said engaging in open outcry trading produced a physical rush not unlike an addiction to drugs.
During the April 8 outage, CME shifted immediately from Globex to open outcry.
We will have for sale, through outcry tender another 14 micro-hydro power units grouped in 7 assets packages, the total price of the auctions being 46.
So it is no surprise that there is an outcry against the contracts.
Mr Price, who retired as headteacher of Speke primary St Christopher's a couple of years ago and is a respected official within the National Primary Headteachers' Association, said: "There was a public outcry and it happened at a time when there was a genuine need for free milk and an expectation from parents.
Summary: The designation of Rafik bouchleka as new minister of foreign affairs in Tunisia has sparked outcry and a wave of criticism among Tunisians, especially liberals and modernists.
NNA - "Future" parliamentary bloc member Ammar Houry told "Voice of Lebanon - Dbayeh" that Prime Minister- designate Najib Mikati' s speech in which he expressed his dissatisfaction with March 14 refusal to take part in the cabinet reflects an outcry directed towards March 8.
Imagine the outcry if one of the big channels had doled out such grim stuff over Christmas
Cue the ritual outcry about our role models letting the kids down.
EXETER punk'n'roll pioneers THE COMPUTERS and Surrey hardcore kids OUTCRY COLLECTIVE are hitting Teesside tonight.
ISLAMABAD, January 26, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Pakistan army has said digging the trenches in Sargodha is part of military exercises and it is not an extraordinary move adding Indian outcry on this count is baseless as India has made it its habit to indulge in blame game against Pakistan besides finding fault in every step taken by us.