origination fees

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Origination Fee

A percentage of the total amount of a loan that one pays for the privilege to take out that loan. A bank or brokerage assesses this fee in theory to help defray costs. Banks and brokerages must disclose the amount of the origination fee to the borrower within three hours of applying for the loan. See also: Activation fee.
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origination fees

Charges to a borrower to cover the costs of originating a loan.

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With an origination fee and no interest, the length of time over which a student pays would determine the cost of the loan.
If the seller is only at half capacity and makes $50 million in loans, the origination fees are $500,000, the servicing fees are $450,000, and the loan yield on $5 million (the 10% retained by the seller) is $150,000, Dunn and Lauer explained.
While the proposed rule came out the day this column went to press, it is clear the CFPB has decided not to propose a flat origination fee. Rather, the proposed rule will allow a lender to charge discount points and origination fees as long as it also offers the consumer a no-point/no-fee loan.
While it is difficult to tell what the impact of higher up-front costs have had on the origination market, it is possible that higher origination fees, coupled with lower economic growth, have caused consumers to pause when deciding whether right now is the appropriate time to get a new mortgage for purchasing a home.
Costs financed: Initial mortgage insurance premium of $4,003.20, origination fee of $4,003.20, closing costs of $1,561.32.
Points may be identified as "loan origination fees," "loan discount," "discount points," or simply, "points";
This article develops a discounted cash flow model for evaluating two financing alternatives: the first alternative (with the higher interest rate but with lower points or loan origination fees), and the second alternative with the lower interest rate (but with higher points or loan origination fees).
This estimate will provide a breakdown of all costs associated with the proposed loan, including interest rates, origination fees, and any inside points the broker stands to earn from the lender.
Origination fees, bolstered by a new master license for Thailand, were up 12.4% to $442,000, while interest income on financing gained 10.8% to $922,000.
Many homeowners who refinance FHA loans pay dearly for credit checks, origination fees, surveys, termite certificates and so on.
The company's September quarter results and initial 2019 outlook indicate that passing on increased pricing is leading merchants to change behavior and not absorb all of the increased origination fees. In turn, merchants are pushing the price increases onto consumers in the form of higher interest rates on loans, which impacts GreenSky's P&L, said Faucette, who now believes his assumption of better take rates in a rising interest rate environment has proven too optimistic.