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I saw that the body of my dead antagonist had been stripped, and I read in the menacing yet respectful attitude of the warrior who had brought me these trophies of the kill the same demeanor as that evinced by the other who had brought me my original equipment, and now for the first time I realized that my blow, on the occasion of my first battle in the audience chamber had resulted in the death of my adversary.
The extended original equipment portfolio mirrors the further intensifying relationships with the BMW Group.
The original equipment passenger tires market is projected to decrease by more than 8%, or 4.
is a SBA certified woman-owned small business (WBE) offering a wide range of electronic components and value-added technical services to its worldwide base of original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and commercial customers.
Brent Bauer, senior vice president and general manager, North America original equipment emission control, will report to Yanos.
PDSi provides product lifecycle service solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the medical, telecommunications, defense, imaging and computer equipment industries, among others.
This technology features an exclusive heat-activated yarn and sophisticated, innovative knitting pattern that resist fraying and can easily be integrated into the original equipment manufacturer's production operation.
For original equipment passenger tires, the number of units shipped in 2005 will be unchanged from 2004's 53 million units, as domestic auto and light truck production remains constant.
Original equipment LT shipments decreased by nearly 600,000 units, or 7.
The Company's principal customers include many of the world's foremost original equipment manufacturers of automotive, light commercial, heavy-duty truck, agricultural, marine, rail and industrial vehicles and equipment as well as the worldwide aftermarket.
Overall, the combined original equipment (OE) and replacement shipments for 2004 automotive and truck categories are anticipated to increase by 12.

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