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A United States government program providing certain kinds of medical care to persons over 65 years of age. Medicare is funded by the federal government and divided into several parts. Medicare Part A is free (or rather paid with taxes) and pays for visits to the hospital, as well as some other costs. Medicare Part B covers doctor visits if the elderly person pays an extra premium, and Medicare Part D pays for prescription drugs in exchange for a premium. Participation in Parts B and D is voluntary, but participation in Part A is automatic. See also: Medicaid, Social Security, Obamacare.


Medicare is a federal government insurance program designed to provide healthcare coverage for people 65 or older, certain disabled people, and people with chronic kidney disease.

Anyone who qualifies for Social Security is automatically eligible for Medicare at 65.

Part A, which covers hospital and certain other costs, is provided when you enroll. You can also sign up for Part B, which covers doctor visits and related costs, and Part D, which covers prescription medicines, at the same time.

You pay a separate premium for both Part B and Part D. The Part B premium is set annually and carries surcharges for people whose incomes are above the annual ceilings. Your Part D premium is determined by the private insurer plan you select. If you postpone applying for Parts B and D and don't have equivalent or better coverage -- called creditable coverage -- from another plan, you face a permanent surcharge when you do enroll.

You may also have a choice between Original Medicare, which is a fee-for-service plan run by the government, or a Medicare Advantage plan if one is available where you live. Medicare Advantage plans are private insurer plans.

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Medicare Advantage Plans can include coverage for services that original Medicare doesn't cover, like vision, dental, and hearing care.
You can leave a Medicare Advantage plan and move to original Medicare until February 14, 2012; you can switch into a five-star Medicare Advantage plan at any time.
They offer their panels of providers, expanded benefits not covered by original Medicare - such as annual physical exams, preventive dental care and routine vision care - and different premiums, all to attract the Medicare beneficiary to their plan.
CHARGE: PFFS plans are receiving government contributions at a rate that averages 119% of the average cost in original Medicare, giving them an unfair advantage.
While highlighting the additional costs associated with Medicare Advantage plans and touting Medicare as `the efficient program that guarantees its members a core set of reliable benefits,' he fails to mention the fact that original Medicare benefits carry hefty deductibles for covered services while providing very limited routine benefits, such as physicals and eye exams.
health care plan, original Medicare, supplemental insurance, Medicare health maintenance organization (HMO), M+C, and Medicare Advantage).
There is no change for people who participate in the Original Medicare Plan, known as the fee-for-service arrangement.
You don't have to switch to a new plan or do anything special to stay in the traditional Medicare program--what now is being called the Original Medicare Plan.
Like preventive services covered by ConnectiCare that are above and beyond what you receive under Original Medicare, this is yet another great example of our commitment to helping our members stay healthy," said Tony Tedeschi, ConnectiCare's Vice President of Medicare Programs.
The calculation assumed individuals did not have employer-provided retiree health care coverage but did qualify for Original Medicare.
will offer a variety of Medicare Advantage plans in 2017 designed to help older adults get and stay healthy, with more benefits and services than Original Medicare and an emphasis on preventive health measures.
This LifeHealthPro story is excerpted from: Medigap insurance is a private insurance policy designed to help pay deductibles or coinsurance incurred by beneficiaries who are in the original Medicare plan (also called fee-for-service Medicare).