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"It would require considerable calisthenics to remove the 'sex' from 'sexual orientation.' "
The ruling "sends a clear message to employers: It is against the law to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation," Gregory Nevins ( told the Columbus, Indiana, Republic.
Ego orientation is also linked to increased anxiety and reduced commitment to practice (Smith, Balaguer, & Duda, 2006).
Based on the characteristics associated with a task-ego goal orientation, researchers have examined the relationship between goal orientations and enjoyment in sport.
It has been reported that private university business schools show great attention towards market orientation as compared to public university business schools (Webster et al, 2005).
But there are very few studies addressing the students retention and research performance relationship with market orientation in higher education institutions.
Changes can be made in the die design to balance the velocity and the resulting orientation across the cross-section as the polymer passes through the die-gap exit.
This shows that students skill of social intelligence is significant and direct correlated with their extrinsic personal religious orientation.
There are studies which established links between new employee orientation and other HRM practices.
Pearson's correlation analysis showed that the number of training per week positively and significantly correlated with general self-efficacy (r=.3 15; p<0.05) and task orientation (r=.347; p<0.05).
For this reason the interrelation between marketing orientation and innovation has been debated for decades (Han et al.
They put forward the idea that market orientation provides a cultural construct that focuses on satisfying the customers' needs and wants and trying to be better than their competitors.