organizational structure

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organizational structure

the particular way in which a firm or public authority is structured in order to perform its economic, social etc. activities.

A firm may be structured in two main ways: in a PRODUCT-BASED STRUCTURE activities are grouped together according to product, with each product being supported by its own functional teams of marketing, production, finance etc.; in a FUNCTIONAL STRUCTURE activities are grouped into departments by function – marketing, production, finance etc – which support all the firm's products.

Organizational structure can also be looked at in terms of the number of management layers involved, TALL ORGANIZATIONS having many management levels and FLAT ORGANIZATIONS only a few management levels.

The way in which a firm is organized around products and functions and the number of management layers can have a significant effect on the efficiency of the firm and its ability to respond quickly to changes in its market environment.


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Jamal Abdulaziz Al-Alawi indicated that the completed organisational studies includes the main organizational structure of the Urban Planning and Development Authority, organizational structure of the Capital Secretariat, re-organisation of Road Maintenance section at Projects and road maintenance directorate.
This article aims to analyze the relationship between the strategic planning process and organizational structure in the reality of a complex organization: the Public Prosecutor's Office of Santa Catarina (MPSC).
The aim of this change is to enable Evli to better correspond to these evolving trends and to enhance customer centricity even further by reflecting it also in the organizational structure.
Tenders are invited for Management, Organizational Structure And Efficiency Study For Workforce Solutions Alamo
Muscat, Dec 28 (ONA) Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, in step with the strategy for the coming period, has unveiled a new Organizational Structure bringing on board competent Omani employees who have recorded remarkable career achievements and leadership skills.
The organizational structure on the one hand is the structure and set of ways in which the work is divided into specific tasks and provides the coordination among them and on the other hand, it is representative of rules, regulations, procedures, standards, and the role of decision-making, communication, and integrated business sectors and hierarchy of authority and marks the components and formal and informal communication between the system components.
50 for the year 2013 was issued Thursday identifying the components of the organizational structure of the Interior Ministry.
com)-- HR Expert Posts New Article - "Explore Your Options for Setting up a Security-Related Organizational Structure.
Summary: Dubai - His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has issued a decree approving the organizational structure of the National Statistics Center.
Through her research, she developed a theory of how the organizational structure of community colleges influences the workforce departments or divisions to operate as small businesses to provide training to business and industry.
Summary: Amman, June 10, 2010, SPA -- A visiting Saudi delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education paid a visit here today to the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education to get acquainted with the organizational structure of the Ministry, its organizational units and functions.
For many advisory firms, however, better alignment of their organizational structure became more of a priority during 2008 and 2009.

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