organization development

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organization development (OD)

the process of improving organization performance by improving the pattern of interaction between members of the ORGANIZATION. The philosophy behind OD is that the core features of organization, such as task specialization, tend to obstruct the full use of individual talents and hence inhibit effectiveness. MECHANISTIC organizations can benefit from being loosened-up to enable faster response to environmental change. To do this individuals need to understand what others do and what motivates them, as well as themselves, and to identify the barriers to personal and group effectiveness. OD facilitates this through use of behavioural techniques such as T-Groups (see MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT). Many are wary of OD, partly because it seems to delve into the private domain and partly because its benefits are difficult to quantify. Also, if power relationships in the organization are left unchanged individuals may become resentful: they have been encouraged to modify their behaviour but their bosses, it seems, have not. See CULTURE. GROUP.
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In recognition of his lasting impact in the field, Sorensen was honored with the Organization Development Networks prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award on Monday, Oct.
I got introduced to the exciting discipline of Organization Development in 1972, when as a USAID fellow I attended in Battle Creek Seminar Center, Michigan a workshop involving close to a 100 people from different nations.
It is important to improving HRM in the importance of organization development.
It was decided by the Organization Development Manager, in conjunction with the Director of Human Resources and Director of Nursing, that separate programmes would be provided for each of the management groups.
The third area to invest in is organization development.
He plans to receive his degree in organization development, a field gaining momentum throughout the country.
Last March 30, the Organization Development Practitioners Network (ODPN) had the induction of its new Board of Directors at the ECJ Executive Dining Room of San Miguel Corporation.
Organization Development & Change, 10th Edition
Edmonstone, a leadership, management, and organization development consultant for the public sector in the UK and researcher and fellow at various universities there, helps healthcare professionals who are experiencing work overload, stress, and disillusionment (and the human resource professionals and organization development specialists who work with them) develop strategies for personal resilience.
Today, Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced $1 million in funding for a new Industry Organization Development Fund.
Prosser (leadership and organization development, U.
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