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Mo Better Meat, which posted revenues of $9 million in 2004, recently started online order processing, and with Diggs's increasingly busy schedule, the company needed a way to streamline communications between the warehouse, trucks, and its 100,000 customers.
In accomplishing this, we've delivered a solution that minimizes errors in order processing, decreases manual touch points in servicing business customers and accurately tracks and stores all B2B order transactions.
Over two to three months, interviewers asked customers about quality, product approval and development time, order processing and customer service, response to technical and performance problems.
As a result, costs incurred in order processing, order picking, staging for shipment, and shipping to customers are treated as distribution activities and qualify for the distribution cost exception.
SupplyWeb version 10 significantly strengthens the relationship between suppliers in the supply chain with the addition of new modules, Production Invoicing and Purchase Order Collaboration, which automate specific business functions related to order processing.
today announced the release of new enterprise application software for its OnviCenter Product Portfolio, expanding its existing call center product line to include sought-after business applications such as order processing, order fulfillment, inventory management and transaction payment processing.
Our new CipherXpress system not only automates the entire chain from data capture to order processing, it also provides current information right on the handheld so retailers can instantly verify product availability, substitutions, cost, calculate order size and make a host of other onsite determinations.
The concept the company calls the KUKA Robo Shop was designed to demonstrate how using automation to fulfill custom orders of mixed product in goods distribution centers will improve order processing and employee working conditions.
PCS and its technology are designed to address these shortcomings, providing e-commerce, CRM (customer relationship management), order processing, fulfillment and accounting in one fully integrated solution.
Inbound sales order processing automation for SAP solutions - Inbound sales orders are recognized regardless of layout via new Dynamic Document Capture and data is intelligently captured and made available in SAP for further processing and retrieval.
With ClientLogic as its lone service provider, National Geographic can expect continued first-rate, front-end order processing and customer service coupled with unmatched back-end fulfillment processing.
Other restaurant chains will soon be utilizing the sales order processing system.