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Tsai and his colleagues from National Taiwan University, National Applied Research Laboratories in Taiwan, and the Research Center for Applied Sciences in Taiwan used the large surface area of optical disks as a platform to grow tiny, upright zinc oxide nanorods about a thousandth the width of a human hair.
Variable label sizes: Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio will create labels for different sized optical disks including CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, VCD and optical storage disks;
Toshiba Corp has also revealed recently that it intends to introduce notebook computers in May able to handle HD DVD disks, which compete with Blu-ray disks in the high-definition optical disk market.
The upshot of all of this was that UBS Warburg was required to produce at its own cost all responsive e-mail on the active systems and optical disks because they required no restoration; and it was required to restore five sample tapes at its own expense.
The only difference may be in the amount of time it takes to retrieve the file, since many secondary storage resources, such as tape and optical disk libraries, rely on robotics to move a cartridge from a shelf in the library and load it into a drive to read and write data.
In addition, little birefringence and better flatness of substrates should also be achieved as required by specification for the next generation of optical disks. Furthermore, in the case of the axial asymmetry structure of the disk (2), little water absorption, which is preferable for preventing warpage due to uneven water swell from each surface, is necessary for a polymer to form a suitable substrate.
said Thursday they have developed an optical disk made primarily from paper and capable of storing large volumes of high-definition images.
MCS will manufacture prerecorded optical disks for a range of uses, including CD-Roms, DVD, video, CDs and audio CDs for leading record companies, internet service providers, magazine publishers, and games publishers.
The converted image then is stored on optical disks.
Optical disks store the most data: A 5.25-inch optical disk can hold up to 650 megabytes (Mb)--the equivalent of over 13,000 pages.
There has been no litigation specifically addressing the use of optical disks for document storage.
By drawing upon advances in magnetic storage in consumer audio and video technologies, optical disks have emerged with revolutionary storage densities that are up to 20 times higher than magnetic media.