operating rate

Operating rate

The percentage of total production capacity of a company, industry, or country that is being used.

Operating Rate

The percentage of capacity being utilized. For example, if a factory has a 60% operating rate, it is making 60% of the goods it is capable of making with its present equipment. Companies, government and economies all have operating rates.

operating rate

The portion of capacity at which a business operates. For example, an operating rate of 80% indicates that the business is producing 80% of the output that could be produced at a maximum with existing resources. A low operating rate is generally accompanied by losses or small profits, although the opportunity for profit growth is still great. Conversely, a high operating rate is generally accompanied by high profits but limited opportunity for further profit improvement.
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State-owned Abu Dhabi National Oil Co (Adnoc) has lowered the operating rate at its newly expanded Ruwais refinery to about 50 per cent after a new unit encountered start-up problems, industry sources said.
The South Korean firm produces LCD panels on its own, but it hopes to procure 32-inch TV panels for cheaper cost on the back of the yen's recent depreciation, while the Japanese company is looking to boost the operating rate at its plant in western Japan to improve profitability.
The operating rate of Japan's 54 commercial nuclear reactors fell to a record low 23.
It raises the operating rate of firms and lowers me unemployment rate.
Honda to move up employees' holidays amid low postquake operating rate
The group of metalworking industries in the durable manufacturing cluster had an operating rate of 61.
In June, the Canada's newsprint operating rate of 87% was down dramatically from the 93% rate of last June, and dropped by a similar amount through the first six months, to 88% vs 94% in first-half 2007.
The HM model has a wheel base of 9 feet 10 inches and an operating rate of 69,444 pounds, and the LMH model has a wheel base of 10 feet 5 inches and an operating weight of 81,569 pounds.
has announced it has reduced the operating rate at five of its Ontario and Quebec softwood lumber mills by one-third in response to low lumber prices.
The operating rate of 54 commercial nuclear reactors in Japan fell to a record low of 10.