operating profit

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Operating profit (or loss)

Revenue from a firm's regular activities less costs and expenses and before income deductions.
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Earnings Before Interest and Tax

A measure of a company's ability to produce income on its operations in a given year. It is calculated as the company's revenue less its expenses (such as overhead) but not subtracting its tax liability or interest paid on debt. It is important to note that EBIT does not account for one-off or otherwise unusual revenues and expenses, only recurring ones. EBIT represents cash available to pay off creditors in the event of liquidation and, as such, it is closely watched, especially when the company incurs little depreciation or amortization. It is also called operating profit.
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operating profit

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As for POSCO's steel business, the QoQ operating profit saw an overall decline, yet the improved performance by POSCO INTERNATIONAL in global infrastructure--the rise of gas sales from Myanmar gas fields and profit increase in trading--led to 6.5% in operating margins surpassing one trillion KRW operating profits for eight consecutive quarters.
POSCO's operating profit surpassed one trillion KRW (848 million USD) on a consolidated basis--for eight quarters in a row.
posted record-high sales and operating profits in fiscal 2008 which ended Feb.
For fiscal 2009 ending next February, both Seven-Eleven Japan and FamilyMart are forecasting increased sales and operating profits.
Combined operating profits of the 44 companies that reported showed operating profits increasing 3.8% to $29.6 billion, a decrease from the operating profit growth in 2006 (37.7%) and 2005 (66.4%).
The company expected further increased operating profits (EBITA) during the fourth quarter and a promising outlook for the early part of 2005.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-26 October 2004-Sentera Plc reports 9-month operating profit of EUR0.75m(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
On a consolidated exchange rate basis, operating profits were 15.5 per cent up.
Consolidated sales, excluding duties and taxes, rose 5.5 per cent to EUR3.5bn, with consolidated operating profits of EUR739m.
It expects "satisfactory" gains in newspaper operating profits this year, with newsprint price hikes to newspaper largely offset by higher earnings from its 50% stake in Augusta Newsprint Co.
Second quarter Lab Equipment/ Consumables Index sales gained 11.1% to $694 million and operating profits improved 11.6% to $179 million, leading operating margin to inch up 20 basis points to 25.6% of sales.
Privately owned retailers, wholesalers and restaurants saw both revenues and operating profits decline in fiscal 2000 for the first time in two years, the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications said Thursday.