operating profit

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Operating profit (or loss)

Revenue from a firm's regular activities less costs and expenses and before income deductions.

Earnings Before Interest and Tax

A measure of a company's ability to produce income on its operations in a given year. It is calculated as the company's revenue less its expenses (such as overhead) but not subtracting its tax liability or interest paid on debt. It is important to note that EBIT does not account for one-off or otherwise unusual revenues and expenses, only recurring ones. EBIT represents cash available to pay off creditors in the event of liquidation and, as such, it is closely watched, especially when the company incurs little depreciation or amortization. It is also called operating profit.

operating profit

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The adjusted operating profit was estimated to be in the range of EUR90m to EUR105m.
In the Life and Health insurance segment, both statutory premiums and operating profit grew at double-digit rates, reflecting a high demand for Allianz products in the low-interest rate environment.
Operating profit for the third quarter of 2013, excluding items affecting comparability, rose 17% compared with the second quarter of 2013.
Due to overcapacity, operating profit ratio of China's steel makers is likely to be limited to 3.
10 August 2011 - The operating profit of Danish H Lundbeck A/S (CPH:LUN) rose 18% year-on-year to a better-than-expected DKK1.
estimates operating profit in the second half will decline 55.
Sales and operating profit in devices grew with increased shipments of APS(TM) polysulfone-membrane artificial kidneys and Planova(TM) virus removal filters, and with measures to reduce operating costs.
On a consolidated exchange rate basis, operating profits were 15.
Strong internal growth in the Property and Casualty segment, continued high demand for life insurance products and good operating profit in the Asset Management segment show that we are on the right track for 2014, said Dieter Wemmer, CFO of Allianz SE.
Group operating profit amounted to EUR168m, up 13% compared to fiscal year 2010, and in the Fuels division operating profit increased by 82.