operating cycle

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Operating cycle

The average time between the acquisition of materials or services and the final cash realization from that acquisition.

Operating Cycle

The time between the purchase of an asset and its sale, or the sale of a product made from the asset. Most companies desire short operating cycles because it creates cash flow to cover the company's liabilities. A long operating cycle often necessitates borrowing and thereby reduces profitability.

operating cycle

The average length of time between when a company purchases items for inventory and when it receives payment for sale of the items. A long operating cycle tends to harm profitability by increasing borrowing requirements and interest expense.
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The work performed during the refueling outage is designed to ensure the facility s ability to provide clean, safe and reliable electricity through the unit s next 18-month operating cycle.
The material is loaded into the catalyst bed with the catalyst where it undergoes oxidation and reduction during the operating cycle, producing heat and driving the dehydrogenation reaction.
The front door is opened and closed via a double acting cylinder and is sequenced with the press operating cycle.
During the Submarine Extended Operating Cycle (SEOC), Submarine Maintenance Engineering Planning and Procurement (SUBMEPP) forecasts Depot and Intermediate maintenance material six years in advance for Virginia Class Submarines.
The engine features a variable compression ratio system and uses a two-stroke operating cycle with direct fuel injection and a monoblock construction.
The combination of a vacuum tray dryer and pressure nutsch, integrated in an isolator allows liquid products to be prefiltered prior to the actual drying process for an optimized operating cycle.
The Exstreamer-100 also has along operating cycle without requiring adjustments thanks to its technical robustness and simple maintainability.
These are positive signals for developers, and suggest that development pipeline growth may extend further into the decade even as they remain cognizant that projects announced today won't open until late in the operating cycle, said Ford.
The engine utilizes a high-pressure, common-rail fuel system, along with a regenerative particulate filter that should last upwards of 150,000 miles, depending on the operating cycle, before the ash would have to be flushed out of the system.
Focusing in the needs of in-house power plants but also considering other sites, expert practitioner and consultant Rajan gives basic information about optimizing the system, subsystems and individual equipment, improving system and equipment design, and extending the operating cycle.
Components failing based on an operating cycle failure distribution, fail based on the number of uses.
A liability will be classified as a current liability to the extent the item is expected to be paid within one year or the operating cycle.
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