opening price

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Opening price

The range of prices at which the first bids and offers are made or the first transactions are completed on an exchange.


1. The beginning of a trading session on an exchange.

2. The first price of a security at the beginning of a trading day. In this sense, the opening is also called the opening price.

opening price

See opening.
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18, while Unitykap lost 26 per cent to close at 37k against the opening price of 50k.
The morning return is the return between today's opening price and today's noon price.
18 yuan is reasonable, and the opening price is also acceptable to be between 6 yuan and 7 yuan.
The focus of audience was a notice board, where Anthony's opening price was posted.
5p to its opening price of 100p, after dealing began in its shares on London's Alternative Investment Market.
The winner touched evens in the ring before returning to her opening price of 4-7.
The opening price for the 65 million-year-old dinosaur was pounds 3.
Sunnyvale, California-based Tivo, which imports techniques from the internet to TV enabling viewers to pause, rewind and play back live footage closed the week at $37 from an opening price of $16.
17, with 81 cents difference from the opening price.
The highest bid of $83,200 was about eight times the opening price of $10,490.