open-end fund

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Open-end fund

Used in the context of general equities. Mutual fund that continually creates new shares on demand. Mutual fund shareholders buy the funds at net asset value and may redeem them at any time at the prevailing market prices. Antithesis of closed-end fund.
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Open-End Mutual Fund

A mutual fund in which the number of shares may be increased or decreased depending on the amount of money invested in the company. This means that the fund's capitalization is not fixed and changes upon the demand of shareholders. In other words, an open-end mutual fund issues new stock when people invest in it and buys back old shares when investors want to be rid of them. The latter is referred to as redeeming one's share of the mutual fund. The value of each share is the net portfolio value divided by the number of shares. In the United Kingdom, this investment vehicle is usually called an open-end investment company.
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open-end fund

An investment fund that does not have a finite life, continually accepts new investor capital,and makes new property investments.

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722.940 million in selected open-end funds managed by the company for Financial Year 2012, which was approved by the Board of Directors of JSIL, at a meeting held in Karachi.
Zoukis argued that the open-end fund model is inherently ill suited for real estate investments, whose returns typically can be realized only after a hold period of at least a few years.
Open-end fund does not have a cap on issuance of units that may continue to swell up on market demand while a company to raise fixed capital floats close-end fund.
CLOSED-END FUND - a limited number of shares outstanding, compared with an open-end fund that creates new shares to meet investor demands.
All of the above funds are an open-end fund incorporated in the USA and seek either current income, capital appreciation and conservation of capital.
American Growth Fund of America is an open-end fund incorporated in the USA that invests primarily in common stocks of companies that appear to offer opportunities for capital growth.
The distribution announced for JS Fund of Funds, the only open-end fund of funds in Pakistan, is Rs.
The company said the increase was due to total inflows of USD1.0 billion, comprised of institutional net inflows of USD727 million, open-end fund net inflows of USD273 million and market appreciation of USD622 million, partially offset by distributions of USD274 million.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-August 19, 2015-Federated Enhanced Treasury Income Fund converts to open-end fund
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 2, 2014-Payden & Rygel launches new open-end fund