open on the print

Open on the print

Used in the context of general equities. Block trader's term for a block trade that has been completed with an institutional client and printed on the consolidated tape, but leaves the block trader with stock available (because the trader has taken a long or short position to complete the trade) for new customers who are on the opposite side of the market to the initiating customer.
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Open on the Print

A situation where a block trader has bought or sold short a large block of securities and had this trade printed on the ticker tape. When a trade is open on the print, the block trader officially has taken a long or short position, which opens him/her up to orders from other investors to close the position.
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open on the print

Of or relating to a block trade that has been completed by a block positioner and printed on the consolidated tape. The block positioner is left in a risky position because, depending on which side of the transaction he or she was on, the block positioner is either long or short the security.
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