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1. A formal request. Generally, one must fill out an application form as part of the application process.

2. See: Application Program.


Shorthand for appreciation.
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Customers can download the app from the iTunes online app store by searching for JCPenney or they can find a link to the app at jcp.
In-class surveys and polls provided an innovative engagement tool for students in the classroom, and applications from Apple's online App Store helped many teachers discover new ways of teaching their courses.
The credit union scored an average of four out of five possible points in online app stores, ranking it among the top five of 30 US retail financial institutions by deposit size considered for the award.
Perhaps most importantly, also ask them about app distribution and updating -- uploading your shiny new mobile app to one of the many online app stores is one thing, but marketing it, so that your customers know about it, download it, and start using it, is an entirely different thing.
Consequently, Apple inspired its competitors to create their own online app stores.
Deal added: "The Pentagon is already thinking about using network-ready smartphones as part of the mission in Afghanistan next year, while the DoD, the General Services Administration and NASA are all building online app stores where users can find and download mobile tools to assist in their work.
This proactive approach helps ensure online app stores are constantly monitored and timely action is taken against rogue mobile app threats.
ROGUE mobile phone apps that could steal your online bank details are lurking in online app stores, it was claimed yesterday.
The app will be available in the coming weeks on various online app stores for iPhones, smart phones, and other devices.
Whether HaiPad, which features access to online app stores for over 15,000 different kinds of application software, can contend with iPad in China remains to be seen, though the launch of the device is helping Quanta to further strengthen its presence in the tablet PC market.
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