On board

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On board

Used in the context of general equities. Long.

On Board

1. Informal for a long position.

2. Informal; describing a situation where goods have been loaded onto the vessel used to carry them to the destination. The term is used on a bill of lading.
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On-board diagnostics are moving toward giving a detailed diagnosis of car trouble and providing mechanics with instructions on how to fix it.
On-board computing systems are providing us with a tool to match what should have happened on the route with what is actually occurring.
Modern on-board systems are used against all modes of the threat, including functions that precede direct attack (e.
Although the new instructions do not control the camera, turning off the other two instruments allows on-board computers to operate the remaining seven instruments more efficiently, says Mission Director Richard P.
Aimetis Symphony On-Board[TM] provides security and operations personnel with the ability to centrally manage mobile video by enabling access to on-board video from an unlimited number of vehicles and remotely download video using wireless networks.
Call at Delft and Volendam - historic Zuider Zee port On-board English commentary ?
Strangely enough, with continued prodding and pushing the ECM community has come a long way in developing terminal, end-game angle deception adjuncts to basic on-board countermeasures that are effective and have been operationally deployed and successfully evaluated on operational platforms.
TSX VENTURE:GXI), the leading provider of on-board retail technology and solutions to the airline industry, today announced a multi-year agreement to deliver a new on-board shopping service integrated with SkyMall's on-board catalogs.
Tenders are invited for: Development of on-board ip router protocol stacks for future satellite systems (artes 5.
Using intelligent identification technologies, a GPS tracking system and wireless reporting of bus and student information to a secure, interactive web site, authorized school administrators can observe on-board activity and know where individual students are from the time they step onto the bus until they reach their destination.
The Proton100k(TM) Radiation Hardened Single Board Computer (RH SBC) is the instrument computer of the Air Force Research Laboratory's (AFRL) RoadRunner On-board Processing Experiment (ROPE), performing data management and processing of focal plane array data.
DETROIT -- The passenger vehicle could be considered the largest and most widespread stand-alone technical consumer system requiring an on-board energy supply.