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For the implications of marginal cost pricing in the context of price-setting oligopolies, see Anderson, de Palma, and Thisse (1997) and Futagami (1999).
Using a rigorous industry model encompassing strategic choice among oligopolies set on winning market share, Yoon shows how Korean firms successfully entered the world semi-conductor market, to become the only developing country exporting high-density memory chips to North America.
Deregulation will result in a shakeout, and a consolidation at home leading to the formation or strengthening of national oligopolies with an overlay of players that are partially pan-European in their reach and operations.
With continued economic growth, Lamoreaux believes manufacturing industries would have evolved into mature oligopolies with many fewer, and smaller, mergers.
Monopolies, cartels and oligopolies are present in the cement, flour, cigarette, oil, pharmaceutical and rice industries, and even in toll roads.
What we found was that these oligopolies were often characterized by innovation and competition.
The head of the Consumers Association, Petros Markou, said the milk distribution system was "ailing" and called for an end to the oligopolies.
With the deadline of 19 September approaching, the German government, pushed by its powerful energy oligopolies, wants the re-tabling of a third "option": the maintenance of the status quo.
Bresnahan's (1987) and Gasmi, Laffont, and Vuong's (1992) studies of differentiated product oligopolies (with price-taking buyers) also involved nonnested hypothesis testing.
Oligopolies can have either standard (homogeneous) or differentiated products.
IBM says communications technologies are best left in the hands of corporate oligopolies unfettered by government and naive, obstructionist technophiles.
It is that kind of cooperative environment we expect to see in the CompactFlash Association, where any size company can develop a platform from which they can compete for business rather than turning the standards over to monopolies and oligopolies that try to control the market.