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The ohmic conductivity (Table 2) is increased as would be expected if the filler were able to introduce mobile ions into the system.
In order to develop an estimate of the ohmic losses, we need to consider all conductors at the same time.
Due to ohmic heating, numerical simulations predict a temperature increase of 1.
The second generation MOSFET has a new gate design, a more sophisticated ohmic contact and a thinner substrate, the comparison between the 2 generation is doing in the report.
A linearity of the curves was observed over the entire region of the applied electric field for the 60% terpolymer blend and the pure terpolymer thin films, which indicates an Ohmic conduction mechanism (S ~ 1) [33].
Toward this end, researchers at the University of Hawaii looked into using pulsed ohmic heating, in which heat is generated by an electric current passing directly through electrically conductive media.
They concluded that in generator using plasma as a flowing fluid, the influence of the ohmic dissipation is not considerable on the entropy generation and the power generation availability.
This second edition offers revised material from the first edition, plus new material on areas such as ohmic heating, intelligent packaging, the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions, and a case study on environmental aspects of food processing.
Other novel milk preservation technologies: ultrasound, irradiation, microwave, radio frequency, ohmic heating, ultraviolet light and bacteriocins 19.
Among the models studied using the newly developed technology, only the electrical properties of the model found in Figure 3 possess the ohmic properties(6) desirable for use in devices.