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The Exchange Offer and Consent Solicitation for the Existing Notes are only being made pursuant to the Offering Circular and related letter of transmittal and consent that the Authority has caused to be distributed to holders of Existing Notes who have completed an eligibility letter.
ascertain from the Offering Circular whether or not you are part of the
You are urged to read the Offering Circular carefully before investing.
The offering of common stock is made only by means of an Offering Circular.
com is pleased to announce the recent addition of the Bank of Birmingham (In Organization) offering circular to the list of current offerings on their website.
The offer is being made pursuant to an offering circular dated November 30, 2005, an offering circular supplement dated December 5, 2005, a second offering circular supplement dated December 13, 2005, a third offering circular supplement dated December 16, 2005 and related documents.
Investments into Choice Bank (IO) can be made only by obtaining a printed copy of the Offering Circular by contacting the bank or its representatives, or downloading it from this site and following the investment guidelines stated therein.
The offer is being made pursuant to an offering circular, as supplemented, and related documents, each of which has been disseminated to holders of the preferred stock.
Other than the extension of the expiration date of the Exchange Offer, all other terms and conditions of the Exchange Offer set forth in such offering circular and letter of transmittal, each as amended, remain in full force and effect.