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Indicates a willingness to sell at a given price. Related: Bid.


The lowest price for which a seller is willing to sell some asset. When one makes a buy order, one may order a broker to buy at the ask, which is simply the best price currently available. The difference between the ask and the bid is called the bid-ask spread, which is a key measure of liquidity.


See ask.


The offer is the price at which someone who owns a security is willing to sell it. It's also known as the ask price, and is typically paired with the bid price, which is what someone who wants to buy the security is willing to pay. Together they constitute a quotation.




A commitment to do some act,usually to buy or sell something,upon specified terms which, if accepted, would create an enforceable contract. The person making the offer is the offeror; the person receiving it is the offeree.Some important concepts include

• An offer may be withdrawn at any time before it is accepted, unless the offer by its terms stated it would be irrevocable for a specified period of time or other conditions.

• The mailbox rule states that if an offer is made via the mail, or if an offer does not limit acceptance to some vehicle other than the mail, then it may be accepted by mail. If so, then acceptance is effective when it is placed in the mail, not when received by the offeror. As a result, the offer may not be withdrawn once acceptance has been placed in the mail.

• The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act provides that e-mail offers are accepted when the return e-mail has been received by the offeror, not when it is sent.

• Some states have held that fax transmissions of acceptance are effective when faxed.

• An offer that is “accepted,” but with changes in some of the terms or conditions, is a counteroffer and is not an acceptance. A counteroffer is a new offer that must be accepted or rejected. The old offer may not be resurrected at that point.

• Aproperty auctioned without reserve is an offer that may not be withdrawn. Unless specified otherwise, all auctions are presumed to be with reserve and the property may be withdrawn at any time before acceptance.

• Upon receiving an offer from a potential purchaser, an agent is obligated to transmit it to the client as soon as possible, even if the agent thinks it is a poor offer that will not be accepted. Further, an agent may not retain an offer until receipt of another, in order to present them together, unless the client has given specific instructions to act in that manner.

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Short-term deferred-payment offer: the offered amount to be paid in more than 90 days but within 24 months.
This provision does not apply to the extent the refund or credit exceeds the difference between the assessment and the amount offered.
Co when compared to previous acquisition multiples offered for Scania, the Offer is at a substantial discount
Such Securities will not be and have not been registered under the federal securities laws and may not be offered absent registration or an applicable exemption from such registration requirements.
76 Adastra common shares, subject to pro ration based upon the maximum amount of cash and First Quantum common shares offered.
The consideration offered for Arcelor shares would be adjusted downwards, or, as the case may be, the cash and share portions of such consideration would be rebalanced, according to conditions set forth in the prospectus, if Arcelor made certain distributions (including dividends in excess of EUR 0,80 per share), or directly or indirectly acquired its own shares, in the period between February 6, 2006 and the settlement date of the Offer.
The exchange offer, if consummated, will be followed by a merger for the same consideration to Fastclick stockholders as offered in the exchange offer.
AIG has received a copy of the Offer to Purchase documents, dated July 27, 2005, pursuant to which TRC Capital has offered to purchase for cash up to 2,000,000 outstanding shares of Common Stock of AIG.