offer price

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Offer price

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offer price

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"The revised offer price, based on our calculations, implies that Veon has assumed 80% of the tax liability on its own books with the rest 20% (EGP 0.22/share) is deducted from the offer price--in our view, a better than expected outcome for minority shareholders," Naeem added.
The bank revised downward its offer price to P215 per share after the PDS declared dividends of around P600 million last year.
Thus, So said there's no need for NFA to import anymore, especially if Thailand and Vietnam won't lower their offer price.
10 that the tender offer price was set at P7.25 per share, or a total of P11.38 billion.
Reportedly, this increased offer price represents a premium of approximately 60%, as compared with the closing price of Nordjyske Bank shares on 12 March 2018, the day before Jyske Bank announced its decision to make the voluntary offer.
Settlement of the offer price to the minority shareholders will take place within 19 October 2017.
Icahn Enterprises and IEH confirm that the increased offer price is their best and final offer price.
The Institutional Offering tranche was over 11x oversubscribed at the Offer Price.
Based on a pro forma offer price of 170 crowns per share estimated gross proceeds are 34.38 billion Danish crowns ($4.94 billion) if all shares are sold Maersk said.
(NYSE: LXK) said it will increase its cash tender offer price for all of the outstanding shares of Sweden-based ReadSoft (NASDAQ: RSOF-B).
Shares opened at $45.10 (PS28.05) on the New York stock exchange, 73% above its initial offer price of $26 (PS16.17).

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