occupancy rate

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Occupancy Rate

The number of units in a building with renters, expressed as a percentage of all units. For example, an apartment building with 100 units and 40 resident families has a 40% occupancy rate. It is the opposite of the vacancy rate.

occupancy rate

The ratio of rented property to the total available for rent.It is the flip side of the vacancy rate. Occupancy rates may be calculated by number of units, number of square feet, or by dollar value of rentals, also called the economic occupancy rate.

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Over the 2004 to 2011 period recorded in the Gwynedd Council statistics on occupancy rates the world price of oil trebled from around $40 (pounds 25) a barrel to about $120 (pounds 75).
Elsewhere in the country, the highest occupancy rates were in areas favoured by tourists, such as Penang and Langkawi.
based research group's study on fourth quarter 2003 occupancy rates highlighted two types of assisted living facility properties in the marketplace: Well-operated ones with occupancy percentage rates in the 90s that are thriving, and those with occupancy rates in the mid-80s that are still struggling.
But during the 12 months ending in March, Panam's hotel occupancy rate fell more than a tenth to just over 41% as more than 600 beds were added.
The average occupancy rate at hotels in Beirut was 56 percent in the first quarter, down from 66 percent in the same quarter last year.
Year to date, Dubai's occupancy rate rose to 79 percent while RevPAR increased by 12 percent and average room rates increased by 8.
Latest statistics reported an increase of hotel occupancy rate by 63% in 2011, compared to 59.
The average occupancy rate for skilled nursing facilities stayed relatively consistent with the second quarter at 84%.
The Lincoln Building marked a banner year in leasing activity during 2002, with an occupancy rate of 93% and a total of 112 leases signed, covering more than 305,000 SF of office space, according to Kevin J.
Summary: Ernst & Young said the occupancy rate of four- and five-star hotels in Beirut declined to 49 percent in the first month of 2013 from 60 percent in the same period in 2012