occupancy level

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Occupancy Rate

The number of units in a building with renters, expressed as a percentage of all units. For example, an apartment building with 100 units and 40 resident families has a 40% occupancy rate. It is the opposite of the vacancy rate.

occupancy level

See occupancy rate.

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The economy segment reported a 1997 occupancy level of 58.
Jeddah's average occupancy levels increased by two percentage points from April 2013, coupled with a jump in ADR of 11.
The Manchester operation opened on April 1 and three months on had contracted occupancy levels of just three per cent.
Beirut hotel occupancy level dropped to 67 per cent in July, compared to 80 per cent last year.
In addition to the general questions about business conditions, they were asked for their opinions on whether occupancy levels and property values for four key property types - conventional apartments, office buildings, industrial properties, and shopping centers - would increase, decrease, or stay the same.
Jeddah's hospitality sector witnessed a steep decline in occupancy levels in August, dropping 13.
com previously reported that Dubai hotels had the highest occupancy levels in the Middle East and North Africa region in April, according to a new EY report.
4 per cent to Dh368 in July 2016 compared to July 2015, while occupancy levels rose 3.
Based on the growth in the number of beds, by the year 2020, the number is expected to reach approximately 2,900, however, the occupancy levels in Dubai presently stand at 56 per cent, comparatively, based on international standards a hospital can operate efficiently up to 80 per cent occupancy levels.
Occupancy levels in the city increased by 14 per cent, to 69.