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Singular Spectrum Analysis extracts the component of low frequency [c.sub.L] from the observed time series.
Let we consider a time series of requests received by the IS during observed time delay T from the start [t.sub.0] to the end [t.sub.e] of the observation cycle.
Behaviors identified as "per mm" refer to the mean rate of occurrence per minute of observed time. Observed Rate of Teacher and Student Behaviors
It has often been observed time and again in our society and especially in the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan that the male members of the family do not allow the females to cast their votes.
CJP observed time had come that that we should change our course.
The shape contains a set of n-triangles and the sum of the n-centers of the mass of those triangles is the mass centre of one observed time parameter.
Highly sensitive analytics allow for the monitoring of very small amounts of the target protein in complex matrices, including the determination of antigen concentration decrease in serum during the observed time interval (0.33 h-24h).
The average observed time interval between card-handling events was approximately 8.2 minutes for all store locations (see Figure 2).
Although the a priori assumption of a random-walk-plus-uncorrelated-noise model generally yielded a smoothed result that is pleasing to the eye, we recommend that the most appropriate ARIMA model be identified for the observed time series if the smoothed time series will be used for further analysis of the population dynamics of a species.
Randel concludes his book with chapters on the art o[ persuasion (ten specific techniques for getting the other party from point A to point B) and success skills--13 traits that he has observed time and again in successful real estate entrepreneurs.
We discuss the most appropriate public health response under each scenario and emphasize how further data collection and analyses are required to more reliably evaluate the observed time trends and the relative importance of forces shaping the epidemic.
Thus, the current study observed time on-task as a dependent variable by having three school-psychology graduate students trained in behavioral observations observe each student.