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Objective (mutual funds)

The fund's investment strategy category as stated in the prospectus. There are more than 20 standardized categories. E.g. Aggressive growth, balanced.
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According to Cramerotti, the objectivized style of representation characterizing news journalism contributes only to breaking down the confidence of an informed audience, one which has long since recognized that all communication is subjective.
The knowledge item was represented by a self-reporting question evaluating not the level of objective or objectivized knowledge, but one's own perception of the level of appropriation of the object.
Within the school's culture, having VI presented a danger of being further objectivized as inane--far more toxic than the sum of vision impairment.
All MUs were transformed from the subject's language to the language of the researcher, with the purpose of highlighting the implicit meaning by restating it in objectivized terms.
They can be scientific arguments--already objectivized by the researches of several scientists in the world--that can be used to support clinical judgments, which are elaborated by psychiatrists in each and every analyzed case.
If, from one side, the Spirit (metaphor of human kind) must objectivize itself (through work, arts, political systems, right, and so on) in order to give a concrete form to its own historical-intellectual patrimony, on the other side the subjective spirit (the individual) must re-appropriate this objectivized patrimony in order to realize a full synthesis between the objective spirit and the subjective spirit (that is to say, culture in a broader sense).
Traditionally governed by a geometrized logic of concept deployment, transforming the concept of difference into metaphysical bifurcations gave rise both to axiological conflicts as well as ontological resolutions in the form of philosophic systems of "realism" and "universalism." Dualistic views of differences involved the juxtaposition of some objectivized substance or process and its negation: of reason and emotion; of reality and mere appearances; of what is good and what diminishes it; of theory and practice.
Law is the objectivized universal for which we should be ready to sacrifice our lives.
Acknowledging the claims of the traumatized community or society and consensus as to the meaning of the traumatic experience become objectivized symbolically in places of memory and in commemorative rituals.
Objectivized sensemaking in the social sector can be defined as a highly precise bottom-up mode of organizational identity construction.
Nothing is positivized or objectivized, not even the notion of emergent adaptive and open complexity!
This statement is true if we insert ourselves in the history of Sheikh Zoubeir, which the authors' opening gambit has set us up to do (imaginatively, one presumes, although it is not entirely clear): "While he invented nothing--or very little--apart from himself, Shakespeare has become the fictive name for the limitless horizon of an infinity of fictions that endlessly sustains both the modern myth of culture and its postmodern generalization in and as aestheticized, objectivized and autonomized medium of exchange that has 'created its own order'" (ibid.).