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Objective (mutual funds)

The fund's investment strategy category as stated in the prospectus. There are more than 20 standardized categories. E.g. Aggressive growth, balanced.
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When it is associated with the biomedical clinic and with focal and technical knowledge, care gains a reification contour--by viewing something abstract as a material or concrete thing--related to the symbols, values, practices and rules of modern western science, whose method predominantly recommends objectivization and, consequently reification or dehumanization.
Objectivization and subjectivization: A typology of voice systems
and concentrates on what he calls the 'author-function' or 'objectivization of the speaking subject'" (Howarth 2000, p.
These girls engender their own objectivization as a mode of understanding: "Her right nipple burst, popped out like a tight wad of bubble gum, a pink swelling that felt itchy.
Shields express speakers' reservation regarding their commitment to the truth value of a statement, as in quotational or attribution shields ("The mother said/I think his feet were blue") and various forms of objectivization. Through the deletion of agents such as "I" or "you," a shift to passive forms (as in "Medicine needs to be given"), or a shift to plural pronouns (as in "We need to give medicine"), these objectivization shields complicate the straight line from doctor to action, suggesting shared or at least "natural" action (Caffi, 1999).
Objectivization of player-racket interaction under field conditions is mainly based on vibration or electromyographic outcomes.
Both Lavinia and Alessa are raped and mutilated and their suffering becomes emblematic for their narratives, projecting the individual drama of their objectivization towards the entire society/community/universe Lavinia is raped by the Goths and the Fall of Rome happens under the Gothic invasion.
More often such situations are connected with the crash of language communication, as language cannot execute objectivization function.
Hegel would say that this concept of the biologists who associate phylogeny and ontogeny illustrates, rather naively, the objectivization of thought processes.
We used exhaustiveness, homogeneity, coherence, objectivization and productivity as criteria.