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Objective (mutual funds)

The fund's investment strategy category as stated in the prospectus. There are more than 20 standardized categories. E.g. Aggressive growth, balanced.
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But unlike traditional benchmarking, benchlearning is not primarily based on comparisons of calibrated key indicators but reaches out farther by seeking a dialogue with the good example to learn from its 'tacit knowledge', to objectivise its own operations and to revise its own mental models of the logic of those operations.
Referring to the philosophy of value, Petre Andrei (18) considers philosophy to be the science of the life and reality ultimate values, thus highlighting the subjective nature of philosophy, since we do not know realities, but values that we ascribe to psychological and logical datum that we objectivise. Consequently, the great problems of philosophy of value can be summarized in three main categories of research: that of reality, that of knowledge and that of action.
Geopolitics as statecraft has always been an attempt to objectivise the particularistic interests of nation-states, justifying intervening action beyond national borders in terms of a supposed 'realism' that promotes peace and stability.