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Objective (mutual funds)

The fund's investment strategy category as stated in the prospectus. There are more than 20 standardized categories. E.g. Aggressive growth, balanced.
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Positive Comments Negative Comments Ability to fully evaluate a Overall does not change specimen as opposed to understanding of the single images articles Allows reader to verify the Navigating to the proper presented figures are truly areas can be hard without representative annotations Ability to manipulate Software slow to load magnification images Great image quality and resolution Will provide pathologists an experience more akin to diagnosing a slide Great value especially with rare cases;would help with the diagnosis of difficult cases Gives a visual representation of the words read in the article Helps in increasing the objectiveness of the findings from the slide Percentage of correct responses for image-based questions.
For example, lack of objectiveness or inadequate standardization are among the core critiques that comes from an examiner's subjective assessment of charts or formulating questions, and vulnerability to countermeasures is considered as another disadvantage of the CQT.
Meanwhile, Saad Al-Ali said KUNA, as a media institution, has humanitarian responsibilities which are in line with journalism ethics, stressing the agency's impartiality and objectiveness in covering news.
In order to determine the generalizability and objectiveness of the research conclusions, future studies could be conducted to cover different geographic areas and cultures, as well as various industrial patterns, to validate and adjust the proposed model.
The 25-year-old repeated her desire in a statement on Tuesday to ride for Team GB at the Rio Olympics and questioned the objectiveness of the decision to drop her from the squad.
CYCLING: British track cyclist Jess Varnish has repeated her desire to ride for Team GB at the Rio Olympics and has questioned the objectiveness of the decision to drop her from the squad in April.
In July 2015, China had blocked India's efforts in the UN to initiate action against Pakistan following the release of Mumbai terror attack mastermind Zaki- ur- Rehman Lakhvi stating that its stand was " based on facts and in the spirit of objectiveness and fairness".
Regarding group processing, even when I considered that self-evaluation would be a difficulty in terms of the objectiveness students could have at the moment of evaluating cooperative skills management during the lessons, I have to say it was very productive.
For objectiveness, we select the Gaussian-type model to compare.
More specifically, the new directive is aimed at:extending the scope of application to all distribution channels, including proportionate requirements for those who sell insurance products on an ancillary basis;identifying, managing and mitigating conflicts of interest;strengthening administrative sanctions, as well as measures to be applied in the event of a breach of key provisions;enhancing the suitability and objectiveness of insurance advice;ensuring that sellers' professional qualifications match the complexity of the products they sell;clarifying the procedure for cross-border market entry.
She underlines that the manuscript in the story has the status of an object of scientific interest that "brings about the following causality: if the text-object-of-scientific-research is subjected to unexplainable multiplications and conversions, then this has negative consequences for the scientific enterprise and its parameters of plausibility, authenticity, objectiveness, finality" (129).
Still, de la Pena said she's heard doubt from people, questioning the objectiveness of virtual reality journalism, asking how the piece can be unbiased if it's being created.